Another Secret Shows Daguerreotype

Hey Guys,

I have a little story.

Since beginning Secret Shows in earnest, the band have developed a small and loving obsession with Drumstick Squashies. For the uninitiated, these are soft, chewy versions of the classic Drumstick Lolly.

Since Daf first brought them in one practice, we’ve now made it a band ritual to have a pack every rehearsal, recording session or gig.

After taking to twitter (@SecretShowsBand) with our obsession, the makers of Squashies, Swizzles Matlow Sweets, have been constantly in touch with us, promising to attend gigs and listen to our stuff.

This relationship came to a head today when Sarah-Louise at their Marketing department sent us some samples – although I feel that the word ‘Sample’ is an injustice – it’s more like a Care Package or a Gift Box! Check out the picture….

We’re pretty delighted with this outcome. Swizzles-Matlow is one of the few remaining Great British confectioners, and it’s great to see a big company like that get in touch with it’s fanbase.

Thanks Guys!

Secret Shows


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