Secret Shows are a North Wales based originals band (with a few covers thrown in) and consist of Chris Walker on Guitar/Lead vocals, Cat Crossley on Bass/Backing vocals and Dafydd Cartwright on the Drums.

With influences ranging from Incubus and MuthMath to Alice Russell and QOTSA and everywhere in between, the band’s sound is rather eclectic and full of energy.


Secret Shows are built from the ashes of two North Walian bands: Instrumental duo Audiogasm and acoustic outfit Perfectly Flawed.

Back in 2009, a chance meeting in a Denbigh pub lead to Chris and Daf having weekly instrumental jams, eventually outing their funky happenings onto the unknowing Denbigh public. Dubbing themselves ‘Audiogasm’, the duo spent the following 3 years jamming, enduring many a hiatus and looking for a bass player.

Further back in 2003, Chris and Cat joined acoustic band Perfectly Flawed, and during this time jammed a few choons together independently.

A full 9 years on, during the Search For The Bass Player, Cat was contacted on the off chance she would be around.

Having now completed the line-up, jams were had and mini-festivals were played, and Secret Shows was formed.


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